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Where To Buy Glass Top For Computer Desk

glass top for computer desk

My son and I are preparing to build a new computer in a desk gaming setup and I’ve been on the search for a glass top for this project. After exhausting research, we have found the best solution for this and, best of all, it’s available on Amazon!

Glass Fab and Mirror offers this awesome 24 x 48-inch tempered glass table top. It comes in a variety of sizes but this is perfect for a Desk PC setup that doesn’t take up too much space. It’s pre-cut to ensure that corners and sides do not have sharp edges.

If you are wanting to build a computer in a desk and have the ultimate gaming setup in your neighborhood, this is the part of the equation that often stumps aspiring builders: finding quality tempered glass to showcase the build.

Is Tempered Glass Really Necessary?

We built our first Desk PC without using tempered glass. I felt okay about the decision but in hindsight, I’ve really come to appreciate the importance of tempered glass.

I’ve covered the benefits of tempered glass in a previous article but the bottom line is this: if regular glass breaks you risk serious injury from glass shards. Tempered glass reduces that risk by crumbling into small round pieces. It’s also stronger with no significant difference in weight. In fact, according to this company website, tempered glass is around 4 times stronger!

Remember, when you are building your computer in a desk setup it will be the battle workstation where you are fighting it out online day after day. Best to put a quality piece of glass under your keyboard.

What Makes This Glass Top So Special?

You may not be familiar with Fab Glass and Mirror but they are at well-known glass manufacturer our of Columbus Ohio and manufacture glass products for cabinets, table tops, mirrors, and more.

The reason this matters is quality assurance. The last thing you want to do is skimp on the most visual part of your build and buy a low-quality glass top that has defects. I’ve had the opportunity to speak to several Craig’s List “bargain” hunters who’ve come to regret their money-saving efforts after spending a few days really examining their investment.

By investing in a quality glass top, you can be assured that your PC components will shine in all their glory. You also have the confidence of a durable, lasting, and safe desktop for your gaming adventures that will endure the years of computing that you need it to.

Why Our Next Build Will Use This Glass Top

One of the key commitments that we have with is that the information on this site needs to be reproducible. In other words, we want you to be able to get ideas from the articles, learn from our mistakes, and then totally outdo us with a build of your own! If we are going to help you to do that, then the products we use need to be accessible to you.

The one challenge we had with this was the glass top. We custom-ordered our glass from a local glass company. That worked fine for our purposes but it doesn’t really provide you with a reproducible workflow.

The other problem was the size of our desk. Personally, we love the setup and we received lot of positive feedback on our YouTube video. But one thing that kept coming up was viewers asking for a solution for a smaller build. This glass top is 2 foot deep by 4 foot wide. It will fit against a wall in a dorm room or any other confined area where online battles are forged.


If you are serious about building a computer in a desk and want a ready-to-go glass top for your setup, this one is an excellent solution. It’s what we are using for our next build. For the latest pricing on Amazon, click here for the glass top from Fab Glass and Mirror.

If you are ready to begin your build, be sure to read How to Build a Computer in a Desk – A Step by Step Guide!


I'm just a dad who wanted to build something unique with his son. Together we built an awesome Desk PC - literally a computer built into a desk. I want to show you how to do the same thing!

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