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If you have ever wanted to build your very own Desk PC, this is my step by step guide on how we built ours. Lots of pictures and detailed instructions on the process. 

If there is one area where readers say they get stumped in building a computer desk or Desk PC setup, it’s finding a quality glass top. The glass cover is the showcase of your build and buying a low-quality non-tempered glass can result in disappointment. 

Here’s the glass top we are using for our next build. Its small enough to fit in a dorm room setup, manufactured by a well-known glass company and, best of all, it’s available on Amazon!

Our DIY Desk PC Timelapse Video On YouTube - Over 900,000 Views And Counting!

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My name is Paul. I'm just a dad who wanted to create something really fun and different with his son. Together we designed and built our very own Desk PC - a computer built into a desk complete with a glass top and RGB lighting. I want to share our journey with you and to guide you on how to build your very own desk PC! Let's create something that will turn heads!