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DIY Desk Building Videos and Free Plans!

YouTube is a bit of a rabbit hole. You can sit down with the intent of studying and learning an important skill and find yourself an hour later eating Cheetos and watching cat videos. I’ve searched and watched countless videos on desk building principles trying to improve my own skills and gain insights into how to build a better desk and want to save you the hassle (and cat video time vaccum!).

These are the some of the best videos on building a DIY desk, some of which include free plans.

  • Building a Wooden Desk for Under $100
  • How to Build the BEST Gaming/Video Editing Desk | FOR SUPER CHEAP!
  • CREATE – DIY Desk for under $100 Dollars
  • How To Make A Modern Desk

Building a Wooden Desk for Under $100

This is a timelapse video showing the author putting together a simple but impressively nice desk using nothing more than a saw, drill, and boards that you can obtain at your local hardware store. There are no plans included but he does provide a material list. Given the ability to watch as he builds, this is a great video and is an inspiring example of what can be done with local lumber, imagination, and a little work. I particularly like the farmhouse design and can think of several possibilities for building a desk PC case using this approach.

How to Build the BEST Gaming/Video Editing Desk | FOR SUPER CHEAP!

While the title may be a bit subjective as everyone’s idea of “best” is a matter of personal preference, there is no arguing that this young man is a true craftsman. The desk design that he has come up with and walks you through putting together is absolutely stunning. This design is intended for a traditional desktop PC case but the design principles that he uses such as rounding the corners of the desk are examples of how attention to small details can make a huge difference in the look of the final build.

If I were modifying this desk to create a desk PC I would simply drop the height of the desk about 6 inches and create a knee cutout. Admittedly, this is not the simplest build out there but it is inspiring and his use of large dowels on the corners really sets it apart from the majority of DIY builds

The author of this video includes material and cutting list and a free 3D Sketchup model available for download.

CREATE – DIY Desk for under $100 Dollars

Now, here’s an example of creative thinking and ingenuity! This gentlemen used a door slab from home depot (a flat surface door!) and some peel and stick vinyl floor planks to build a creative, low-cost desk surface.

There are no plans to download but he shows you exactly what he purchased and provides links to those items. When you see how simple it is, you realize that you really don’t need plans for this one.

This is an excellent example of how simple a desk can be to build when we stop overthinking it. If you have been struggling with coming up with an idea on how to build the bottom plate for your desk PC case, you may not need to look any further than this video.

Build a Super CHEAP and EASY Desk!

It’s amazing what a person can create with some 2X4 and 2X6 lumber.

This creator takes his time explaining every step of the build and what he creates with the most basic of lumber and tools is inspiring. This is probably the simplest build I have seen for a desk and is a great starting point for designing a simple desk PC case. All it would take is to drop the desk height a few inches and add side panels. Then you could install your PC components in the desk, get a sexy slab of glass to lay over the top of it and get to gaming!

No plans for download but such a simple build that you won’t need them.


If you have an appreciation for the rustic, industrial look as I do, you’ll appreciate the simplicity and elegance of this build. While there are no downloadable plans the author walks us through the build process and does provide a parts list for reference.

What is really striking about this build, and what’s got me thinking that I’ll incorporate this look into my desk Desk PC project, is the striking appeal of the rustic look of the lumber and the iron pipe legs. For such a simple design it is inspiring how elegant this desk is and it would take very little to incorporate sides and a glass top to make a desk PC from this design.

How To Make A Modern Desk

I am a big fan and longtime follower of the DIY Creators channel. Glen is amazing, a true craftsman and artist. He walks you through building a stunning desk that includes contrasting colors and LED lighting. There are plans for download but they are not free. Still, they are relatively inexpensive and I’m all for supporting someone who puts so much into their video trainings for others.

If you watch this video and consider the possibilities for incorporating his ideas into a DIY Desk PC build, you’ll get a lot of inspiration. I am particularly inspired by the color contrast of the stained legs against the white desk surface.

While not every video provides free plans, they do provide something equally valuable – inspiration. Instead of simply taking someone else’s idea and copying it, I encourage you to take the best ideas that you see below and consider incorporating them into your own build.

Are you ready to begin building your own computer in a desk? Start by designing your desk PC case. Today is a great day to start!


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