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The Most Epic Gaming Chairs On The Planet: A Buyers Guide

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Building a gaming PC setup is intensely exciting. Most gamers focus on components. Choosing the right motherboard, RAM chipset, or GPU is certainly important but gaming is more than the hardware in your PC.

Streamers can be on camera for up to 8 hours a dayOpens in a new tab.

It doesn’t matter how good your rig is if you’re getting back, leg, and arm strain from bad posture; it could even stop you from being able to game.

Beyond the posture problem, finding the right gaming chair can enhance your gameplay and immersion. Some chairs have built-in stereo sound systems, not only keeping you in the action but also giving you an advantage over other players by providing directional hearing.

For the seriously hardcore, there are full-on motorized, triple monitor, reactive gaming stations that are more spaceship than chair. The right chair can even improve your reaction timesOpens in a new tab.

Like any computer component or accessory, there are a seemingly infinite amount of choices. That’s why we’ve brought together the most ergonomic, unique, and feature filled gaming chairs on the net:

  • IW-J20 Imperator Works
  • X Rocker SE 2.1
  • Respawn 900
  • OMEGA-R Fortnite Edition
  • MOJO Gamer Pro
  • GTracing Gaming Chair
  • Hbada AutoFull
  • HealGen Executive

We evaluated each chair based on:

  • Size/Weight
  • Features
  • Ergonomics
  • Aesthetics
  • Manufacturer

These chairs are as varied as they are cool. So always keep in mind your gaming needs and situation. There’s no point in buying the behemoth IW-J20 if you’re trying to fit it in a college dorm room.

On the other hand, if you’re looking for total immersion, then the sleek but minimalist OMEGA-R might not be right for you. That said, we’ve got something for everyone so let’s get into the reviews:

IW-J20 Imperator Works

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